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Mzima is a Swahili word meaning healthy, good or well, whole, and complete. Mzima Youth Development and Wellness Consulting's mission is to promote wholeness in youth by fortifying the systems in which they develop, including families, communities, and schools. Mzima’s services are anchored in six core values: holistic orientation, evidence-based practices, responsible and integrous assistance, inclusive and affirming approaches, assets-focused and strengths-based strategies, and collaborative methods.
Mzima consultants service parenting groups, schools, and community and faith-based organizations, providing evidence-based information and cutting-edge perspectives toward supporting the healthy growth and development of youth.
Mzima Educator Retreat: Participant Reflections
Mzima Educator Retreat: The Intention
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Meet Our Founder

Kendrea C. Hart, Ph.D.


Dr. Kendrea C. Hart is committed to strengthening the connections within families and communities to support youth in navigating challenges and igniting their sparks. She is known for her ardent advocacy for youth with disabilities, mental illness, and environmental psychosocial stressors. Her two-decade career in youth development expands several areas, including education, public health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), juvenile justice, and nonprofit and community-based agencies in the U.S. Southeastern and Western regions.
Dr. Hart's unique insights and conversational style make her a highly sought-after speaker at forums organized for parents, educators, and youth-serving professionals. She is adept at assisting organizations in developing and fortifying programs to address negative environmental factors and promote positive youth well-being. Dr. Hart believes in incorporating diverse perspectives to improve youth programs and services. 
Dr. Hart has served as a school psychologist for large urban school districts in the Southeastern United States and West Coast and as an adjunct lecturer at North Carolina State University. 


P.O. Box 39546
Los Angeles, CA  90038-9998

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