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Rachel Livingston, M.A.

Education Consultant / School Administrator

Rachel Livingston is a highly-respected educator in the Los Angeles community for her use of data-based decision-making to create positive school cultures. Rachel has over two decades of extensive K-12 experience as a teacher, college counselor, and administrator in charter and traditional schools. She specializes in assisting high-ability and high-need underperforming students in achieving academic success and college admissions. Her leadership in counseling has earned her commendations from the Los Angeles Unified School District and California School Counselor Association. 


Rachel is also a nationally recognized trainer on topics related to educational equity and access. She has supported numerous schools through The College Board National Office on School Counselor Advocacy and the Western Association of College Admission Counseling Executive Board, serving as an elected delegate and member of the Inter-Association Committee. Rachel received a B.A. in communications from the University of California San Diego, an M.A. in counseling from Point Loma University, and an administrative credential from CSU Dominguez Hills. Rachel lives in Los Angeles, CA with her teenage son and two entertaining cats.

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