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Our diverse network of consultants are highly sought-after presenters and keynote speakers, offering a range of engagement and consulting options in all regions of the U.S., for any industry or group size.  Mzima Consultants look forward to supporting your organization in unlocking youth potential.



Let us capture the audience at your event by bringing engaging, motivational and inspirational messages based on life and professional experiences.


Our scholars stimulate and motivate audiences on a variety of subjects, including cutting-edge research and practices concerning youth development.


We share evidence-based best practices, strategies, and organizational insights in the comfort of your home or office through web-based technology.

Program Evaluation:

We help you improve effectiveness and efficiency of services using systematic methods for collecting and analyzing information and outcomes to answer questions about projects, policies, and programs.

Strategic Planning:

We help you set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals.

Focus Groups:

We help organizations gain qualitative insights and answer questions about processes, services, and outcomes through facilitating discussions and group interaction.

Staff Development:

We help organizations enhance skills, effectiveness, and collaboration within the professional environment through engaging learning opportunities, strategies, and activities

Group Retreats:

We assist you with coordinating retreats to facilitate team building, enhance skills, and strengthen organizational structures. Available services include assistance with planning, itineraries, activities, locations, and travel.


We facilitate thought-provoking discussions and interactive learning experiences resulting in increased knowledge, awareness, motivation, collaboration, and productivity for your organization.


We help improve your competency, performance, and productivity in supporting youth through sharing knowledge, techniques, and skill development.


Our multilingual team of consultants are passionate experts on the following focus areas:

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