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Cherise Ayers

Specialties: Anti-Racism and Equity Education | Curriculum Development | Support Systems and Program Implementation | Home, School, and Community Collaboration

Natalya Modified.JPG

Specialties: Neuropsychology, Learning Processes and Executive Functioning | Resilience and Post-traumatic Growth | Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention | Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety | Supporting Youth with Emotional Disorders

Languages: English, Russian, French


Gabriel DeLong

Specialties: Supporting LGBTQ Youth | Body Image Among Males | Sexual and Gender Minority  Males | Safe School Climates

Languages: English, German

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Specialties: Parenting and Positive Discipline | Learning Disabilities| Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) | Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression) | Child Development

Jennifer Ganz.png

Specialties: Trauma-informed Practice and Resilience | Social-Emotional/Behavioral Interventions | Animal-Assisted Interventions| Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Jessica Hankins.png

Specialties: Trauma-informed Practice and Resilience | Resiliency Factors in Children and Youth | Childhood Bereavement and Grief Support | Promoting Study Skills

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Specialties: Culturally-Responsive Practices | Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) | Positive School Culture and Climate | Authenticity and Positive Identity Development | Holistic Health: Mind-Body-Spirit | Faith-based Youth Programs

SK Headshot.jpg

Specialties: Supporting LGBTQ Youth | Culture Specific Program Development | Mental Health Intervention and Programming | Play Therapy | Cultivating a Research Agenda


Specialties: Supporting Immigrant Youth and English Learners | Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | Teacher Reflection | Positionality and Presence | Progressive Educational  Pedagogies and Andragogies | Religion in Public Education

Languages: English, Spanish


Specialties: College and Career Counseling/Access | Positive School Culture/Climate | Restorative Justice| Trauma-Informed Practices

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Specialties: Mentoring | Programming | Volunteer Recruitment | Teambuilding with Teens | Small Group Creation and Growth for Youth Groups

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Specialties: Promoting Positive School Culture | Encouraging Student Leadership and Voice | Fostering Student Self-Efficacy | Supporting Immigrant Youth and English Learners

Languages: English, Spanish


Specialties: Interventions for Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) Youth | Strengths-Based Service | Anti-Racism and Equity Education | Differential Diagnosis and School-Based Intervention | Self-Care for Educators and Parents | Disproportionality

Languages: English, American Sign Language

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Specialties: College and Career Exploration and Development | Promoting Positive School Culture/Climate | Mental and Socio-Emotional Health | Faith-Based Youth Development | Educational Signature Services

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Specialties: Positive Parenting | Promotion of Home/School Collaboration | Organization Climate Evaluation and Improvement | Leadership Coaching | Cultural Awareness Training |


Specialties: Culturally Responsive Behavior Supports and Strategies | Positive School Culture/ Climate | Program Development and Implementation | Supporting Students with Disabilities | Parent Training | Mindfulness 

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